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When your HVAC system has broken down completely or has some malfunction, one thing only should come to your mind, and that’s our HVAC services company. We have a crew of experts who are superior to other HVAC companies in the Kent. For years, we have served the whole area with work ranging from HVAC repair to full unit installation, with great ambition and skills

We are a premiere HVAC Repair And Service Company in the Kent. With cutting edge equipment and technology, our services are like your dream come true. Each technician is well equipped with high-tech technology, connecting them instantly to our office; all of our technicians can stay in touch with our office to alleviate issues within seconds. With so many employees and service trucks, we do everything probable to offer you with the best HVAC services in our business.


Here at our HVAC company, we know that the HVAC repairs can actually be a little pricey, but fortunately we offer service contracts. No one enjoys the stress and pressure of a unit breaking down and getting forced to anxiously call numerous companies and asking out for discounts and prices. So, we conveniently offer clients with our service contracts. Whether that be for a business office or a retail store, we offer everybody with an affordable HVAC services contract,which includes some free maintenance calls every year. Not just will we do maintenance periodically on the HVAC unit, but you also will get free service call if ever your unit breaks down ever.

Residential Service

residential services

For our residential customers who need high-quality, expert and affordable assessment of their existing systems, tune ups or minor repairs, installation of a new system, or emergency repair, Affordable AC and Heating is here to help.

Commercial Service

commercial services

Our commercial specialist are experienced in working with a variety of heating system. Schedule professional heating maintenance. During maintenance, a technician will tune-up your unit to ensure it is clean and running efficiently & safely.

Excellent Value & Quality Services


While some companies specialize in fixing and servicing one kind of HVAC system only, we think that it is not enough actually. We pride ourselves greatly on being capable to offer high quality HVAC repair services for all kinds of HVAC systems, including however not limited to:

  • Water Cooled Systems Indoor Air Cooled Units
  • Roof Top Packaged Systems
  • Chillers.
  • Exhaust Fans.
  • Cooling Towers.


Throughout the years, our professionals have been committed to offering affordable and dependable HVAC repairs, maintenance and installation services to all our clients.

We pride ourselves greatly in the high quality of work we do

From the method we insulate duct-works to running of copper refrigeration pipes, our quality is similar to no other. Our technicians spend as much of time as we want to make sure that our work is done flawlessly. We aren’t interested in cutting corners or going back; when choosing us you know that the job will always be done perfectly.

Clear And Transparent Communication is our Great Standard.

Unlike other HVAC repair companies, our aim is to always keep you a client for lifetime. We are 100 percent transparent in all our communication. We always take great pride in our integrity and honesty in which we perform business on an everyday basis.

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